Pilot on grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) will be conducted in high-plant-density vineyards, located in Umbria (Central Italy), for the production of high quality red and white wine. The vineyards area involved extends over 200 ha with plants warping of 0.9 m x 2 m (5550 plants / ha). The area is managed by a group of farms that are involved through partner Agricolus.


The pilot activities start from the analysis of grapevine farming issues and the main need of farmers. We will focus on support the farmers in taking decisions on:

  • crop development – monitoring the crop phenology using the Satellite data, providing  an estimate of the crop development stage
  • resource management – provide a report on the crop water status to improve the irrigation  management and to avoid water stress in vineyard;
  • evaluation – estimation and analysis of yield quantitative and quality indicators connected to the grape and wine production (sugar, acidity, anthocyanins etc…. )

One of the existing issues about the farming digital solutions is their fragmentation: Farm Management Information Systems, Precision Framing solution, weather stations, sensors, UAV etc. In the pilot we will evaluate how the AgriBIT services can be connected through the open APIs with a third-party platform already adopted by farmers.

Piloting focus

  • On field testing: starting from the Sentinel-2 MSI (already in use from Agricolus System) this pilot will test AgriBIT GNSS enabling services:
    • acquisition of multispectral data to calculate the vegetation maps and potential correlation with spatial yield data
    • UAV: acquisition of multispectral imagery from UAV or from machinery transported camera; integration of the drone imagery with the satellite data;
    • Automated machinery guidance: the collection of machinery data georeferenced with the high-precision GNSS receiver compliant with Galileo and EGNOS to spatially identify all the farming activities.
    • The AgriBIT BDA recommendations will also be tested on the field
  • Collaboration Services testing: as an IT company and DSS provider, Agricolus will be involved in T7.4 to test the AgriBIT Collaboration Services, Open APIs and Components.