AgriBIT delivers collaboration services supporting farmers and service advisors, but also 3rd party developers for whom open interfaces are provided both at service level and as channels for advanced Big Data Analytics innovations.
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The goal of AgriBIT is to improve the agriculture chain by delivering higher precision, more accurate and continuously available Precision Agriculture services, combining GNSS, and more specifically new high precision Galileo positioning and augmentation services like EGNOS,Earth Observation (EO) information with on-field and on-machine sensors and actuators, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and expert agricultural knowledge.
The overall objective of AgriBIT is to delivers a range of customisable and modular solutions suitable for various types of agricultural uses and brands of crops through six defined objectives:
  • Market and needs analysis
  • Higher precision location services
  • Affordable, European source, high precision Galileo and EGNOSS GNSS receiver
  • Bundle of PA services for farmers and farm advisors
  • Strategy for services uptake
  • Open service-oriented platform


AgriBIT includes an "20"-month piloting phase in peach production (Greece), tomato fields (Portugal) and vineyards (Italy), whose goal is not only to evaluate the adaptation of its services to user needs, but also create impact in key agricultural sectors.
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Greek Pilot
Peach orchards

The pilot in Greece focuses on the full management of peach orchards, benefiting from the capability to overcome the limitation of EO and UAV data which cannot provide accurate results in orchards crops due to tree canopy shape.

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Portuguese Pilot

The pilot in Portugal focuses on the detailed management of diseases, speeding up the detection of diseases earlier during the growth period and delivering the ability to apply corrective measures earlier than without the use of GNSS services, i.e. before the harvest.

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Italian Pilot

The pilot in Italy focuses on the management of 200 ha of vineyards, with a focus on being able to improve automatic guidance, decrease water usage and connect AgriBIT services to other management platforms.

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8 partners from 4 European countries are involved in the AGRIBIT project.


Project coordinator
Giuseppe Vella Send Mail Engineering Ingegneria Informatica R&D Department

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This project has received funding from the European Union Agency for the Space Programme under the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004259