• So you don’t miss a single thing
    Welcome to the 4th Edition of the AgriBIT Newsletter! In this edition, we take pride incelebrating the unwavering dedication and collaborative spirit of our esteemedproject partners. The impact of our collective efforts is now palpable in the fields,marking a significant stride towards a future where precision agriculture thrives.From the inception of advanced tools and systems […]
  • AgriBIT at AgroGlobal2023: A Week of Innovation and Collaboration
    At this year’s AgroGlobal event, that took place in Santarém, Portugal, from the 5th to the 7th of September, AgriBIT had the privilege of taking center stage in a pivotal moment for precision agriculture. This event provided us with a unique opportunity to not only showcase our project’s groundbreaking approach but also foster collaboration within […]
  • So that you don’t miss a single thing
    WHEN THE PROJECT STARTS BLOOMING… Just as the blooming season signifies a period of transformation and abundance,AgriBIT has been diligently cultivating innovative solutions and pushing theboundaries of precision agriculture. AgriBIT unveils its remarkable achievements, empowering farmers with cutting-edgetechnologies and paving the way for sustainable and efficient farming practices.From precision applications to geospatial analysis, the project’s […]
  • Installation of AGENSO’s weather stations in the AgriBIT pilot sites
    In the framework of AgriBIT’s activities, a total of 6 brand-new weather stations accompanied by soil moisture sensors produced by the AgriBIT’s project partner AGENSO were installed in demo fields in Greece, Portugal and Italy. Two weather station were installed in the Greek pilot area, in Giannitsa and Pella at northern Greece, where peach and […]
  • CCTI Showcases AGRIBIT at the “Frutos com Ciência” Conference in Lisbon
    The Center of Competences for the Tomato Industry sector (CCTI) participated in the “Frutos com Ciência” conference and fair held in Lisbon on May 28. CCTI set up an interactive stand to display various technologies and the latest results from the groundbreaking AGRIBIT project. The conference attracted approximately 56 attendees, including industry experts, scientists, and […]
  • Copernicus Relays
    AgriBIT project was presented by Agricolus Srl at the monthly videoconference for the Copernicus Relays and at the monthly videoconference for the Copernicus Academy, both events took place on the 19th of January 2023. The first event is organised for the Copernicus Relays, which is formed by a wide network of Copernicus ambassadors. Since 2017, […]
    Many things have been happening in the past six months, and the AgriBIT consortium is nowhappy to share our latest achievements with you! Overall, we’ve been working on the AgriBITrequirements and design, we’ve released the first AgriBIT integrated services and the on-sitefarming operations connectivity, and we have made the first integration of a GNSS receiver,with […]
  • AgriBIT at the Agrotica HelExpo
    AGENSO is going to participate as an exhibitor to the 29th Agrotica, held at the International Exhxibition & Congress Centre, Thessaloniki, from the 20th until the 23rd of October 2022. for more information
  • Ka and Broadband Communications Conference
    Engineering and RFSAT are going to present AgriBIT project in Stresa at 27th Ka and Broadband Communications Conference. The presentation will be held the 20th of October in the EUSPA Special Session on Integrated Applications for a New EU Vision of Space Downstream. for more information
  • SmartAgriHubs Synergy Days
    Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.P.A. presented AgriBIT project in Lisbon at the second day SmartAgriHubs final event and at the third day conducted the workshop “AgriBIT: precision farming requirements and DSS user interfaces” interacting and exchanging information with different participant of the congress. for more information
  • So that you don’t miss a single thing about AgriBIT
    AgriBIT is about to improve the agriculture chain by delivering higher precision, more accurate and continuously available Precision Agriculture services, combining GNSS, and more specifically new high precision Galileo positioning and augmentation services like EGNOS, Earth Observation (EO) information with on-field and on-machine sensors and actuators, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and expert agricultural knowledge. Download […]
    The kick-off meeting of the AGRIBIT project took place the 1st of July 2021. Due the COVID-19 pandemic a remotely mode has been choosen. The objective of the meeting was to start the activities of the project and assess the actions across the various work packages. Work package and deliverable leaders shared their outputs to […]