In the framework of AgriBIT’s activities, a total of 6 brand-new weather stations accompanied by soil moisture sensors produced by the AgriBIT’s project partner AGENSO were installed in demo fields in Greece, Portugal and Italy. Two weather station were installed in the Greek pilot area, in Giannitsa and Pella at northern Greece, where peach and nectarine varieties are being cultivated. Two weather stations were also installed in the Portuguese pilot area of Ribeira de Sao Joao region and Cartaxo at central Portugal. These areas constitute significant tomato producing areas in Portugal. Finally, two weather stations were installed in Italy, in Miralduolo and Brufa areas at central Italy, were vineyards are traditionally grown. The selected pilot areas were meticulously selected in order to ensure that the crops and respective production in each area are representative for the current local circumstances.   

The weather stations and soil moisture sensors function through an electronic node device developed and produced by AGENSO. It’s a small energy autonomous small device of 12×10 cm and its battery is being charged by a 13×11 cm photovoltaic panel, reducing the energy footprint and environmental nuisance in the context of sustainable development. The system is plug-and-play system that is easy to install while data acquired are directly transmitted to the cloud services and projected in MeteoIoT AGENSO’s app. The access to the app is free with costs. This way, any interested party such as farmers, producers, cooperatives, extension advisory services, as well as any other stakeholder operating the agricultural and not only sector, can have access to this valuable information.

Some of the available information are temperature, relative humidity, UV radiation, wind direction, wind speed, gust speed, light intensity, precipitation, absolute pressure, dew point, wind chill and heat index. Taking into account the aforementioned information, farmers can better schedule and thus organize and accordingly optimize the agricultural practices exercised in their production units. The weather stations’ measurement are available in the following links:

For Greece:

For Portugal:

For Italy: