The Center of Competences for the Tomato Industry sector (CCTI) participated in the “Frutos com Ciência” conference and fair held in Lisbon on May 28. CCTI set up an interactive stand to display various technologies and the latest results from the groundbreaking AGRIBIT project. The conference attracted approximately 56 attendees, including industry experts, scientists, and agricultural stakeholders.

A highlight of the event was the keen interest shown in the AGRIBIT project by the Director of the Portuguese Collaborative Laboratory dedicated to crop protection technologies. The AGRIBIT project aims to revolutionize the agricultural sector by implementing advanced digital solutions, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to optimize crop health, reduce waste, and promote sustainable practices.

The interactive stand at the conference allowed attendees to explore various facets of the AGRIBIT project, including real-time data monitoring, innovative agricultural technologies, and advanced crop health management. The CCTI team was on hand to engage with participants, answer questions, and discuss the potential impact of AGRIBIT on the future of agriculture.

CCTI would like to thank the “Frutos com Ciência” conference organizers for providing an excellent platform for exchanging ideas and fostering collaboration among professionals dedicated to agricultural advancement.

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