AgriBIT project was presented by Agricolus Srl at the monthly videoconference for the Copernicus Relays and at the monthly videoconference for the Copernicus Academy, both events took place on the 19th of January 2023.

The first event is organised for the Copernicus Relays, which is formed by a wide network of Copernicus ambassadors. Since 2017, they act as local champions, coordinating and promoting activities based on the Copernicus Programme.

The second event is organised for the participants in the Copernicus Academy, which has the goal to bring together research & academic institutions with authorities & service providers in order to contribute to the development of the use of Earth Observation data in general and Copernicus data and information.

Both events were attended by multidisciplinary speakers presenting various interesting applications of Copernicus data and beyond.

At these events, Agricolus introduced AgriBIT, its main goals, expected impacts, and the current status of the activities to the participants. A great attention was put into the synergies arising within the project between the use of Galileo and Copernicus services, and how these are integrated into the project architecture.