Welcome to the 5th and lastedition of the AgriBIT Newsletter!Our collective efforts are nowvisibly transforming the fields,heralding a future where precisionagriculture flourishes. From thedevelopment of advanced toolsand systems to the integration ofcutting-edge technologies, we areexcited to share our solutions forthe challenges of modern farming.


For sustainability

AgriBIT enhances the agricultural supplychain by optimising the utilisation ofresources like fertilizers, pesticides, andwater, concurrently expanding cropdiversity within limited land areas.With its advanced analytics and real-time monitoring capabilities, AgriBITprovides farmers with precise data tomake informed decisions, therebyreducing waste and improving yieldquality. This not only supportssustainable farming practices but alsocontributes to increased food security.

For end-users
AgriBIT offers a comprehensive rangeof services on a unified platform,enhancing the experience for bothfarmers and service advisors throughthe seamless integration of diverseprecision agriculture services. Thisintegration is made possible byleveraging data obtained from fieldsensors and the Copernicus Open Data,establishing a business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) model whereservices flow from the provider to theservice advisor and ultimately to thefarmer.


Italian vineyards

Management of vineyards with a focus on being able to improve automatic guidance, decrease water usage and connect AgriBIT services to other management platforms.

Portuguese tomatoes fields
Use GNSS services to speed up the early detection of pests and diseases during the growth period and deliver the ability to apply early corrective measures.

Greek Orchards
Full management of peach orchards with UAV Data, benefiting from the capability to overcome the limitation of medium-resolution satellite EO which cannot provide accurate results in orchards crops due to tree canopy shape.