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WHEN THE PROJECT STARTS BLOOMING… Just as the blooming season signifies a period of transformation and abundance,AgriBIT has been diligently cultivating innovative solutions and pushing theboundaries of precision agriculture. AgriBIT unveils its remarkable achievements, empowering farmers with cutting-edgetechnologies and paving the way for sustainable and efficient farming practices.From precision applications to geospatial analysis, the project’s […]

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Many things have been happening in the past six months, and the AgriBIT consortium is nowhappy to share our latest achievements with you! Overall, we’ve been working on the AgriBITrequirements and design, we’ve released the first AgriBIT integrated services and the on-sitefarming operations connectivity, and we have made the first integration of a GNSS receiver,with […]

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So that you don’t miss a single thing about AgriBIT

AgriBIT is about to improve the agriculture chain by delivering higher precision, more accurate and continuously available Precision Agriculture services, combining GNSS, and more specifically new high precision Galileo positioning and augmentation services like EGNOS, Earth Observation (EO) information with on-field and on-machine sensors and actuators, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and expert agricultural knowledge. Download […]

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