INOV – Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores Inovação is a leading private non-profit R&D organization in Portugal. INOV’s main purpose is the participation in technological development and innovation processes in close cooperation with governments, enterprises and universities. INOV has accumulated strong technical expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Telecommunication Equipment and Services, Access Networks, Mobile Communication Systems, Sensor Networks, Network Architectures and Protocols, Speech Technologies and Systems, Navigation Systems and Fleet Management, Remote Monitoring and Surveillance Systems, Security and Defense Systems, Control and Electronics Development, New Technologies for Aeronautics & Aerospace, and Organizational Engineering.

INOV has consolidated knowledge and proven installed solutions for security, monitoring and surveillance, with clients and partners in Portugal, USA, Angola, Turkey, Brazil, Greece, Italy, among other countries. INOV has extensive experience in large National and European R&D projects (FP6, FP7, H2020) with over 70 participations in the last 10 years. INOV conducts research in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Security and Systems Development in the areas such as:

• Artificial Intelligence – provides our partners with specialized advice regarding the best way to implement systems based on artificial intelligence and their categories.

• Data Security – applying advanced cryptographic techniques and customized communication protocols to enforce application data security in the absence of trustable hardware secure elements.

• Systems Development – conception and implementation of complete systems and solutions, designed to the costumer specific constraints

Role in the project:

INOV will bring its expertise as systems development and integrator and apply that to one of the GNSS services and one of the pilots. As such, INOV will lead T2.2 about technology requirements and T5.6 in order to proceed for technical validation and testing. Having also an expertise in innovation and exploitation, INOV will lead WP7 which foresees Exploitation and Dissemination activities and in particular the task T7.1 about the entire Project Exploitation strategy. INOV will also participate in tasks T7.5 for the Exploitation, the Dissemination and Monitoring.