In May of 2015, the Centro de Competências para o Tomate Industria (CCTI) was created has a result of synergies between the Portuguese Tomato Industries Association (AIT), the Confederation of all the Portuguese Farmers Associations (CAP) and the Agriculture Ministry of the Portuguese Government (MAM) in order to stimulate state of the art know-how in research and development in the tomato industry value chain. The Portuguese Government recognized CCTI as an innovative and dynamic platform for the R&D Tomato Industry in Portugal as it was published in Dispatch 13528/2016 on November 11th, 2016, in the 2nd series of the number 217 in “Diário da República”. Additionally, by the national directive “Portaria nº402/2015”, in the point a) of the article 3 it is mention that CCTI is the entity that define the Research and Innovation agenda for the processed tomato sector in Portugal.

Role in the project:

CCTI, being an end-user and a competence centre in the area of tomato for industry will participate in the tasks such as T2.1 about demonstrator user requirements, T3.1 which foresees analysis of SOA in GNSS and base solution for agriculture, T4.1 related to multi layered model for agriculture, T4.2 and T4.3 about GNSS enablers and enabled services for precision agriculture. As CCTI will coordinate one of the pilots, it will lead T6.2. Naturally, CCTI will also be actively involved in dissemination and exploitation activities by participating in T7.3 and T7.5.